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The Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission consists of seven voting members and three non-voting members.  Six voting members are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the senate, no more than three of whom are members of the same political party.  Appointed members serve a five-year term.  The seventh voting member is the Director of the Ohio Department of Transportation, who is a member ex-officio.

Two of the three non-voting members are appointed, respectively, by the President of the Ohio Senate and the Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives.  The third non-voting member is  the Director of the Office of Budget and Management.

OTIC Commission Members

  • commission-hruby
    Jerry  N. Hruby
  • Commission-Paradiso2
    Timothy Paradiso
    Vice Chairman
  • Guy_Coviello
    Guy C. Coviello
  • Vickie_eaton-Johnson
    Vickie Eaton Johnson
  • M-Peterson
    Michael A. Peterson
  • Director_Marchbanks
    Jack Marchbanks, Ph.D.
    Director of Transportation
    Member Ex-Officio
  • KimberlyMurnieks_OBM-Director-6
    Kimberly Murnieks
    Director of Office of Budget
    and Management
    Member Ex-Officio

OTIC Senior Staff

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