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Service Plazas

Take a break for food or fuel, then you're right back on your way.

Ohio Turnpike service plazas are conveniently located approximately every 30-50 miles, offering travelers a chance to take a needed break from their road trip. Service plazas are easily accessible; you do not have to exit the Turnpike or pay an extra fare to visit them.

Service plazas are open 24-hours a day, every day of the year (including holidays). Popular restaurant choices, convenience stores and gift shops where E-ZPass is available, restrooms (including family restrooms), Travel Board InfoCenters, Turnpike Television (traffic alerts and weather information), 
WiFi, picnic areas, telephones, ATMs, vending and Ohio Lottery machines are available at each location. Fuel Stations offer quality fuel, motor oils and fluids, air, bagged ice, bottled water and other supplies.  All service plazas have areas for walking your pet, with water available. Except for service dogs, animals are not permitted in the service plaza building.

Prices for food, fuel and other items sold at the service plazas are competitive with those charged at similar, off-Turnpike establishments in the same area.

Eastbound Service Plazas
From Indiana to Pennsylvania:

Tiffin River (MP 20.8)*
Wyandot (MP 76.9)*
Commodore Perry (MP 100.0)
Vermilion Valley (MP 139.5)*
Towpath (MP 170.1)
Brady’s Leap (MP 197.0)*
Glacier Hills (MP 237.2)
Westbound Service Plazas
From Pennsylvania to Indiana:

Mahoning Valley (MP 237.2)
Portage (MP 197.0)*
Great Lakes (MP 170.1)
Middle Ridge (MP 139.5)*
Erie Islands (MP 100.0)
Blue Heron (MP 76.9)*
Indian Meadow (MP 20.8)*